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Mick Merriott Photography  Terms & Conditions:

By clicking submit you agree with the following terms of this agreement forming an integral part of this contract and that no variation of this contract shall be effective, unless accepted by both Mick Merriott Photography and yourself (the client) in writing. Please retain a copy of this for your records should you require. We (the client) have read and fully understand the schedule and the terms of agreement contained within this contract. We understand that all terms and fees will apply to me, the client, immediately upon submitting this contract.

Booking fee - A booking fee of £150 is required at the time of booking and in order to secure a date.   The booking fee becomes non-refundable after 14 days and will be deducted from the total outstanding balance.  Please note: Wedding dates can only be reserved and taken off the availability list on receipt of a cleared booking fee and the submission of the booking  form. Payments are made by bank transfer/Paypal.  An invoice will follow to your email.

Remaining balance - Your outstanding balance is to be paid no later than 14 days prior to your wedding date. Should you wish to pay sooner this is fine – please contact Mick via email or by text/phone  to advise – 07428 776902

Please note: - for those clients booking The Union Package, this is a half day package based on 5 hours coverage. In the event that you require Mick Merriott Photography to stay beyond 5 hours then a rate of £95.00 per hour will be charged for each extra hour.

Travel/Expenses - Please note : Travel to your wedding location within a 2 hour drive of my location will be incorporated within the package price. For venues beyond 2 hours a small mileage fee will be added. For journeys 3 hours and beyond a modest overnight accomodation fee will be added.

Meals - unlike may photographers I do not insist on being fed on your wedding day. I feel couples already have enough to pay out for. Some couples insist on providing a meal and this is much appreciated. In such cases I certainly do not expect the same meal as your guests, a simple bar snack or vendor/ supplier meal would be well received.

Creative Licence – Mick Merriott Photography shall be granted full creative and artistic licence in relation to the supplied photographs, choice of locations, and any poses used.  The photographs received will be in keeping with Mick Merriott Photography’s style. Any specific shots can be requested and all efforts made to capture but cannot be guaranteed in the event of adverse weather or any situations beyond Mick Merriott Photography’s control, such as guests’ unwillingness to partake, events beginning early without warning.

Copyright - The 1998 Copyright, Designs and Patents Act assigns copyright of all supplied digital images to Mick Merriott Photography.   You, the client, will be granted full personal use of your photographs however these cannot be used commercially by either yourself or another, without full written consent by Mick Merriott Photography. Any requests for commercial use must be directed to Mick Merriott Photography.

Marketing – Mick Merriott Photography reserves the right to utilise digital images captured for the purposes of business promotion via social media platforms/website.  If the client has an objection with this please discuss with Mick Merriott Photography.

Force Majeure – Mick Merriott Photography uses  backups to ensure that in the unlikely event of any equipment failure your wedding photos  can still be captured.  In the very unlikely event of total equipment failure, injury or sickness beyond Mick Merriott Photography’s control, Mick Merriott Photography’s liability shall be limited to a full refund of all monies paid. Your statutory rights are not affected.  Mick Merriott Photography may not be able to photograph outside in inclement weather but every effort will be made to progress the photoshoot and if necessary capture photographs  from a dry location.  This will not affect photography inside venues or under cover.

Specified photos - Mick Merriott Photography can not guarantee the delivery of specified photos in particular group shots if prevented from taking said shots due to the reluctance from guests to participate.

Abuse - Mick Merriott Photography will not tolerate any abuse whether verbal or physical from any party on the wedding day including the bride, groom , guests. If such a situation occured Mick Merriott photography will exercise the right to leave.

 Agreed working hours - Mick Merriott Photography unless otherwise agreed will cover up to and including first dance and will leave shortly after this time.  In the event of the wedding running late Mick Merriott photography reserves the right to leave 30 minutes after the timetabled first dance and will not be held responsible for missing photos as a result.

Right to Cancel - You have the right to cancel this contract within 14 days from the date of signing and paying the requisite deposit. To exercise your right to cancel, you must inform Mick Merriott Photography of your clear intention to cancel by emailing Verbal notification only cannot be accepted. Once your email notification has been received Mick Merriott Photography will reimburse you all cleared payments made within your 14-day cooling off period. Payment will be made within 5 working days of this.

Cancellation - If Mick Merriott Photography must cancel this contract for any reasons beyond our control (equipment failure, injury, sickness etc) liability shall be limited to a full refund of all monies paid to date. Every effort will be made to find an alternative professional photographer on your behalf. This would be negotiated with the client.

Postponement - Should you need to change or postpone your wedding  to a different date, then subject to Mick Merriott Photography’s availability, all monies paid may be applied to your new date. In this scenario, the total fee to be charged shall be in line with Mick Merriott Photography’s prices at the time of notification as they may have increased and any offers may not be applicable. In the event of Mick Merriott Photography already being booked on your new date, this will be treated as a cancellation by the client. Refer to Cancellation section above. Again, all effort will be made to assist the client with this unforeseen circumstance and contact with Mick Merriott Photography at the earliest opportunity is essential.

Time scale & Delivery – Mick Merriott Photography aims to complete the full digital edits and have the photographs with you within 6 weeks of your wedding day.  In every case Mick Merriott Photography will try and get this completed sooner but will not compromise the quality of the photographic edits by rushing the process as we want you to be fully happy with the final product.

All photographs will be supplied as JPEG format only. No RAW files will be delivered. The photographs will be delivered via an online gallery.

For those clients who have opted for packages that include a USB, all images will also be delivered via USB in conjunction with the online gallery. The USB will contain the full set of final edited images identical to those delivered via the onlin gallery. Please note: those clients who purchase the Full Day : The Main Event Package – the pre wedding/engagement shoot is part of this package and cannot be exchanged.

Retention – Mick Merriott Photography will retain the finished versions of the photographs for a minimum of 12 months. Should further copies of the final photographic edits be required within this 12-month period this can be done by contacting Mick Merriott Photography.

Mick Merriott Photography highly recommends that the client, upon receipt of their digital photographs makes their own electronic backups of all images. No electronic medium is perfect and though unlikely it is possible that USB memory sticks can fail.




Many thanks, and I look forward to working with you.



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