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Second Photographer

There are potentially many reasons why you would want to add a second photographer to your wedding package.....

I have listed here 5 of those reasons which in my opinion rank high as to why you may want to consider this option.

  1. Bride & Groom prep - no matter how good your photographer is he/she can't be in two places at the same time. If capturing the prep of both the bride & groom is something that you will cherish then a second photographer is almost a must have. Even if the bride & groom are getting ready at the same location there will be a BIG compromise in images if the photographer is moving between bridal and groom prep.                                                         

  2. Different angles - having a second photographer allows for not only more images but different angles/perspectives of the same moment. This works particularly well for key moments such as those during the ceremony.                         

  3. More candid images - simply put, having a second photographer will ensure that you receive more candid moments which after all are the moments that really help to tell the story of your day.                                                                           

  4. Backup - Even though I work with 2 cameras throughout the day and ensure I have backup memory cards of all the images a second photographer adds a further element of backup and is another way of ensuring candid moments are not missed if for example I am in the middles of changing a lens, battery, memory card etc.                                        

  5. Enhanced creativity - a second photographer will bring his/her own creative vision to your day providing you with even more creative images.

Add a second photographer to your wedding photography package for £300
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