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The Hidden Oak Wedding Photographer : Capturing Your Love and Joy

The Hidden Oak Wedding Photographer

As a passionate Teesside wedding photographer, I love capturing timeless moments at The Hidden Oak in Stockton. This enchanting countryside wedding venue in Stockton truly is a hidden gem. It provides the perfect backdrop for creating stunning and authentic memories. The serene landscapes and rustic charm of The Hidden Oak in North Yorkshire, including Whitby complement my style as a natural wedding photographer and I am honoured to be a recommended Hidden Oak wedding photographer.


I always love documenting love stories against the backdrop of Teesside's picturesque scenery which brings a unique touch to each photograph. The venue's inherent beauty allows me to seamlessly blend into the surroundings, ensuring that every shot is a genuine reflection of the couple's love and the idyllic ambiance. Being a part of the magic that unfolds at this Teesside venue is not just a profession but a passion. Each time I document real weddings at The Hidden Oak I feel truly privileged to freeze those precious moments in time for couples embarking on their journey together. with professionalism and care, providing a professional, natural and documentary wedding photography service. Whether it's in Northumberland, York, the Lake District, Darlington or  Liverpool, I travel far and wide to capture unforgettable wedding memories. 

Teesside Wedding Photography at The Hidden Oak 

The Hidden Oak in Stockton is an exclusive venue set in 20 acres. When looking at various Teesside Wedding Venues, this venue takes you into a space of your own and can be described as the perfect venue to tie the knot with your nearest and dearest.

The grounds present a picture perfect setting through a mixture of woodland, lawns and flowerbeds which encompass the wedding barn. The beautiful barn was once an old milking parlour which has been stunningly transformed.


It offers picturesque laws and a cobblestoned courtyard which proivde a gorgeous surrounding. The barn is modern, contemporary with natural oak beams and large folding doors which which offer an airy setting.

If you are looking for an experienced Hidden Oak wedding photographer I would love to hear about your plans and have a no obligation chat to see if my blend of creative, candid wedding photography could be for you. 

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Candid & Natural Wedding Photography at The Hidden Oak

The outdoor spaces at The Hidden Oak are absolutely cracking and offer an unrivaled canvas for for your special day. As a Teesside wedding photographer specializing in natural and candid wedding photos, I am captivated by the venue's breathtaking outdoor settings. The sprawling landscapes and lush greenery provide an ideal stage for couples to exchange vows in a magical, natural setting. The venue's commitment to providing an idyllic outdoor experience makes it a dream location for couples who appreciate the artistry of a natural wedding photographer. Some of the other venues I cover include Hardwick Hall Hotel, Rushpool Hall, Hunley Hall, Wynyard Hall, Spa Hotel Saltburn, Gisborough Hall, Raithwaite Hall, Richmond, Redcar and many more. 

 The Hidden Oak Wedding Ceremony

The  ceremonies at The Hidden Oak are set outside on the lawn if the weather is nice. I suppose lawn is an understatement for the stunning spot where the outdoor ceremonies take place. The outdoor ceremony area is also covered offering couples and guests protection protection if the weather turns. This ensures your wedding photos will look amazing. 

There is also the option for an indoor ceremony in The Barn which looks out onto the sprawling grounds. This offers real versatility and allows for gorgeous wedding photos no matter what the weather.

 Wedding Day Confetti by your Teesside Wedding Photographer

Confetti on your wedding day is purely a personal choice. Some couples do, some couples don't. If you decide to go for confetti my advice is always get plenty of the stuff - makes for great wedding photos. This is actually one of the tips I include on my wedding day advice document that I send out to all of my couples. 

Personally I do love confetti photos - once the ceremony is complete and you are married it's such fun watching you emerge into a tunnel of eager guests waiting with confetti in hand. I always advise guests on how best to throw the confetti but as you would image ....there is always at least one guest who has their own idea to step out and aim directly at the bride and groom which always makes for great fun and laughter. 

The Hidden Oak has an abundance of space with great backdrops that make for cracking confetti photographs

 Wedding Speeches at The Hidden Oak

I really love to photograph the speeches, including the first dance. This is the time without doubt that emotions flow and allow for such lovely, natural, real wedding photos. As a candid Teesside wedding photographer my job here is to observe and document your wedding story. The beautiful airy indoor space in The Barn at The Hidden Oak, the flowers, the foliage and of course the stunning outdoor backdrop provide the perfect setting for me to document your perfect wedding speeches and capture the day. If you have any questions or if there is anything I can do to help, please give me a call on 07428 776902 or email me here : Wedding photography is an art, the recording of emotion & feelings with great precision. 

The Hidden Oak: Teesside Wedding Photos

Capturing bride and groom wedding portraits at the Hidden Oak Stockton, is an absolute joy for me. The picturesque Teesside wedding venue provides the perfect backdrop for my laid-back, natural, and candid photography style.


The lush landscapes inspire my creativity, and I thrive on incorporating the venue's beauty into my work. However, it's the intimate moments and creative couple portraits that truly capture the essence of my passion. I love the challenge of crafting unique and visually stunning portraits that reflect the couple's love in a way that feels both authentic and artistic. In order to do this I always make sure that I don't take the couple away from their wedding guests for too long. We take around 20 minutes during which I will ask the couple to walk and enjoy being together as man and wife, creating a whole experience. During this time I will maybe share some jokes, little prompts to fully relax the newly weds which always makes for some lovely smiles and laughter in front of the camera without any fuss. With many years of experience following my passion, I have played a huge part in many weddings of all shapes and sizes. 


The Hidden Oak Stockton is not just a venue for me; it's a canvas where I can paint unforgettable memories with my camera, celebrating the love and joy of each couple in a style that is distinctly mine.

Wedding games at The Hidden Oak -easily accessible from Yorkshire,Northumberland,Middlesbrough and the whole of the UK

With its abundance of outdoor space The Hidden Oak is the ideal venue for those looking for space to indulge their guests with some fun outdoor games. Such activities are a gift for a documentary Teesside wedding photographer as all I have to do is observe and snap away as the fun unfolds.

 Wedding food at The Hidden Oak : A Teesside wedding venue delight for the Bride & Groom

At the enchanting Teesside wedding venue, The Hidden Oak, culinary artistry takes centre stage, elevating the celebration to a gastronomic delight. The exquisite spread at this venue is not merely a feast for the taste buds but a visual masterpiece captured in Teesside wedding photos. The Hidden Oak catering team craft an array of awesome flavours, skillfully blending local ingredients to create a menu that caters to diverse palates.

From delectable appetizers to the main course and decadent desserts, every dish is a testament to the venue's commitment to excellence. The food at The Hidden Oak is not just a meal; it's an experience where every bite becomes a cherished memory. The artful presentation and tantalizing tastes make The Hidden Oak an exceptional Teesside wedding venue, ensuring that the celebration is a feast for the eyes.

Party Time at The Hidden Oak

A stones throw from Middlesbrough

Once the daytime celebrations are moving along the amazing staff at The Hidden Oak get The Barn ready for you and your guests to party the night away. This space is absolutely perfect and allows space for any chosen entertainment such as a wedding DJ to get the place rocking.

The Hidden Oak Wedding Photographer

I'd love to chat to you about being your wedding photographer at The Hidden Oak or being your Teesside Wedding Photographer.

What should you look for in a Teesside wedding photographer's portfolio ?

When looking at a Teesside wedding photographer's portfolio, pay attention to the composition, lighting and overall style of the photos. Look for a photographer whose work aligns with your vision and captures the emotions and moments you want to remember from your wedding day.

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