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You had me at hello...

About Mick Merriott

Every story is different... Hey There  - I'm an award winning North Yorkshire & Teesside Wedding Photographer offering what can best described as a combination of candid moments and creative images to ensure the full story & emotions of your wedding day are captured just as they should be.

I don't want to say too much about myself as I feel this should be more about you. That being said - I am based in Redcar in  Teesside/ North Yorkshire though I'm happy to travel to capture that special day.

My passion for photography goes back to my teenage years when I would watch my father develop prints in his home made dark room.

I feel privileged and excited to be able to document your wedding. I do this by focusing on the little in-between moments that you may not even notice - along with the bigger more obvious parts of your wedding. As a member of Flash Masters I am heavily invested in taking time to create some "special" images for my couples to honour their day.

My approach is simply to capture your day in an honest, fun and easy going way to provide you memories to last a lifetime.

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Mick Merriott Photography - Style 

Whether you refer to is as documentary, reportage or journalistic photography my style is to document your day in a candid way.  My main priority is all about KEEPING IT REAL !  By this I mean my main focus ( no pun intended ..honestly) is YOU and your people -  this is after all what makes your wedding and the story of your day special. No matter how stunning the venue and all the adornments are I truly believe that it is the people that make each and every wedding special and indeed unique.


 My role is that of a storyteller so when you look back on your photographs in years to come the memories come flooding back. It may be the more obvious moments of your day such as your vows or first kiss or it may well be those smaller less obvious moments that occur throughout your day. Some of those moments that you may miss on the day itself.


To quote the photographer Joel Sartore "still photography will never go out of style because it has the unique ability to literally stop time forever" - this is so true and so pertinent for your wedding day. Of all the vendors and wedding suppliers you will hire for your special day, your photographs will be the one thing that remain with you for years to come. 

My aim always is capture your day in a very real and honest way focusing on those special interactions and emotions that make your wedding unique to you, your friends and loved ones. I will do this by being as unobtrusive as possible though there will be times when the moment trumps all and I just have to get in to ensure I document it for you.

The large portion of your day will follow this style though I will also take time to capture some lovely, creative portraits of the two of you that you will cherish and will make great focal points in your home.

Mick Merriott Photography  Approach

I aim to keep things as straightforward and fun as possible and adopt a friendly, easy going approach to photographing your day. In doing so you will hopefully feel at ease resulting in real, natural and genuine photos.


There are plenty of good photographers out there who could photograph your wedding. Choosing one is such an important decision as you will be spending the best part of your day with your photographer. As a North Yorkshire Wedding Photographer I really feel it's great to get to know people. 


This is one of the reasons I love where possible to meet my couples in person prior to the big day whether it be during an engagement shoot or in person consultation or via Zoom.  Not only does this allow us to run through some details / planning of your day but it also allows us to get to know each other a little.  Come the day of your wedding it won't feel like having a complete stranger pointing their cameras at you all day long.


 I am totally committed to ensure that I give you my all and will work with you leading up to your wedding day to allow me to provide you with the very best I can offer.  Being able to document such a special day for you is a true honour and privilege.

Let's work together...

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