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Supplier Spotlight: Feather and Fern Event Hire - Crafting Sustainable Elegance for Your Dream Wedding


In the dynamic realm of wedding planning, finding a touch of elegance intertwined with sustainability can often seem like an elusive dream. Yet, nestled in the heart of the North East, Feather and Fern Event Hire does exactly this, offering bespoke décor solutions that weave nature-inspired charm into every celebration. Led by the visionary Amie, this unique business is reshaping the landscape of wedding décor with its commitment to sustainability and luxury.

The Face Behind Feather and Fern:

Meet Amie, the creative force behind Feather and Fern Event Hire, is not just a decorator but a visionary dedicated to creating unforgettable moments. With a passion for nature and a knack for crafting beautiful images, Amie's mission transcends mere decoration. In her own words "I'm here to metaphorically hold your hand, help you take a deep breath, and reassure you that your day will look and be amazing,".

Amie's journey is distinguished by her unwavering dedication to sustainability and her commitment to curating distinctive and cohesive packages. Through her bespoke creations, couples can seamlessly integrate modern elegance into their weddings while remaining faithful to their core values.


As a Teesside and North Yorkshire wedding photographer I have had the pleasure of working with Amie and can attest not only to her work ethic and attention to detail but the fact that she is a lovely person. She is very down to earth and will no doubt provide a calming influence on your wedding day and event planning.  


Feather and Fern Event Hire:

Feather and Fern go beyond mere decoration, focusing on crafting an experience that resonates with the unique love story of each couple. The curated selection of bespoke, handmade décor pieces by Amie adds a personalized touch to every wedding, ensuring a one-of-a-kind celebration.


Sustainability is at the heart of Feather and Fern. Amie's creations, crafted from real preserved foliage or premium artificial materials, are built to last, reducing waste and environmental footprint. From lush greenery to delicate florals, each item in Amie's collection radiates luxury while promoting eco-consciousness.

More about Amie and her outlook

When it comes to wedding décor, the plethora of options available can often lead to overwhelming choices, with similar offerings from various suppliers across the local and national landscape. If you're seeking to break away from the cookie-cutter style of weddings, Feather and Fern offer a solution with bespoke, handmade, and distinctive décor pieces. The aim is to alleviate the overwhelm by curating a catalogue of items that seamlessly complement each other, eliminating the need to engage multiple suppliers for your special day.


Amie, the driving force behind Feather and Fern has a real commitment to sustainability. She crafts products that emulate the natural beauty of the forest while prioritizing longevity. With a focus on high-quality artificial or dried foliage, her creations can be reused time and again, reducing environmental impact. Embracing a minimalist lifestyle, Amie's ultimate goal is to spend quality time with her three-year-old daughter, home schooling and exploring the world in an off-grid camper. This ethos underpins her business, where she limits the number of weddings per year and sets a minimum spend to minimize travel and maintain financial stability.


"I set out to take people off the wedding conveyor belt with my range of handmade and unique décor items," Amie emphasizes. Her extensive catalogue of cohesive pieces aims to simplify the décor planning process, offering a luxurious aesthetic with a sustainable twist. Each item, meticulously designed to resemble natural elements, reflects Amie's vision of creating timeless elegance while reducing environmental impact.






Feather and Fern Event Hire is more than just a décor supplier; it's a partner in creating moments of magic and wonder. With Amie's guidance, couples can breathe easy knowing that their wedding décor is in capable hands.


So, if you envision a wedding that marries elegance with sustainability, look no further than Feather and Fern Event Hire. Let Amie's passion for nature and commitment to craftsmanship transform your dream wedding into a reality, while you focus on what truly matters - love, joy, and creating memories to last a lifetime.

Contact :

You can get in touch with Amie here or why not check out her website here


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