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Unforgettable Wedding: The Top North Yorkshire Venues for Your Special Day

North Yorkshire, a vibrant and diverse region in the North East of England, has many enchanting wedding venues. The selection is as diverse as the region, from historic estates to luxurious hotels. Whether you envision a traditional celebration in a gorgeous manor house or a quirky ceremony in a converted barn, North Yorkshire has you covered. As a seasoned North Yorkshire wedding photographer, Mick Merriott has captured countless unforgettable moments across the best North Yorkshire wedding venues. Let’s embark on a journey, guided by my expertise, to uncover the most captivating wedding venues in and around the North Yorkshire & Teesside area.

Key Points

  • Discover North Yorkshire's top wedding venues, including Acklam Hall, Wynyard Hall and Gisborough Hall.

  • Consider capacity, accommodation and catering options when planning a North Yorkshire wedding.

  • Capture picture-perfect moments with Leven Valley’s natural backdrop or estate gardens’ historic facades.

North Yorkshire's Top Wedding Venues: A Curated Selection

North Yorkshire is renowned for its beautiful wedding venues, each offering a unique charm and character. Among these, Acklam Hall, Wynyard Hall, and Gisborough Hall are widely regarded as the crown jewels of Middlesbrough wedding venues. These venues offer a blend of history, luxury, and a romantic atmosphere that can make any wedding day truly special.

Acklam Hall, a historic estate from the fifteenth century, is steeped in history and provides a unique and romantic setting for wedding celebrations. Its beautiful architecture and tranquil gardens offer a perfect backdrop for unforgettable wedding photos.

On the other hand, Wynyard Hall is a luxurious hotel boasting impressive high ceilings and magnificent state rooms. These features create unique and stunning backdrops for beautiful wedding venues.

Gisborough Hall, an elegant countryside estate, boasts beautiful gardens and a picturesque lake, making it an ideal setting for a romantic and intimate wedding. The hall’s stunning architecture and beautiful gardens have earned it accolades in the wedding industry awards.

We shall now proceed with a more detailed description of these top wedding venues.

Acklam Hall: A Venue Steeped in History

Constructed by Sir William Hustler, a Bridlington cloth merchant, in the 17th century, Acklam Hall in Middlesbrough has a rich history and is a perfect wedding location. The hall’s architecture is a testament to its historical roots, with its unique design and intricate details providing a captivating backdrop for wedding celebrations.

The recently refurbished Roseberry Suite at the venue can accommodate up to 150 guests, making it a popular choice for large weddings. The hall’s beautiful gardens and stunning architecture, combined with its rich history, lend an air of elegance and sophistication to any wedding celebration.

Wynyard Hall: Opulence in Billingham

Situated in Billingham, Wynyard Hall is a symbol of opulence and grandeur. The hall is renowned for its remarkable features as a wedding venue, including:

  • Its Chapel with spectacular stained glass windows

  • Opulent interiors

  • Intricate ceiling details in the entrance hall

  • Magnificent staterooms

These features create a grand atmosphere that’s perfect for a fairytale wedding.

The hall can comfortably accommodate 110 guests, making it an ideal venue for intimate celebrations. The verdant foliage, groomed lawns, and captivating flower displays elevate the wedding experience, providing a romantic and magical atmosphere for couples and their guests.

The Hidden Oak: Exclusive venue in Stockton

The Hidden Oak in Stockton is an exclusive venue set in 20 acres. This venue takes you into a space of your own and can be described as the perfect venue to tie the knot with your nearest and dearest.

The grounds present a picture perfect setting through a mixture of woodland, lawns and flowerbeds which encompass the wedding barn. The beautiful barn was once an old milking parlour which has been stunningly transformed. It offers picturesque laws and a cobblestoned courtyard which provide a gorgeous surrounding. The barn is modern, contemporary with natural oak beams and large folding doors which which offer an airy setting.

This is a relatively new wedding venue which despite being a short distance from Stockton and Darlington it offers an intimate, rural location for your wedding day. I am absolutely delighted to be a recommended wedding photographer at The Hidden Oak.

Want to know more - read my full guide to The Hidden Oak here.

Howard Court: A stunning venue near Great Ayton

If you are planning a Yorkshire Wedding, Howard Court in Great Ayton is the perfect wedding venue in the Teesside / North Yorkshire area. I love documenting weddings at this picturesque venue. Surrounded by the gorgeous Yorkshire countryside this is a venue to put on your list of considerations.

Want to know more - read my full guide to Howard Court here. 

Romantic Settings Near Middlesbrough

If you’re searching for romantic settings near Middlesbrough for your wedding, Gisborough Hall and The Spa Hotel in Saltburn-by-the-Sea should top your list. These venues blend countryside elegance and seaside sophistication, providing idyllic settings for your special day.

Gisborough Hall offers picturesque grounds and gardens for outdoor ceremonies and photographs, tasteful and spacious reception rooms, sumptuous accommodation for guests, and a devoted wedding coordinator to aid with the planning and implementation of the event. On the other hand, the Spa Hotel is a sophisticated wedding choice due to its stunning location near the sea, providing a picturesque backdrop for ceremonies and receptions.

The countryside setting at Gisborough Hall adds elegance to weddings by offering breathtaking views of the rose garden and rolling countryside, creating a serene and romantic atmosphere for couples to solemnize their union. We shall now examine these venues in further detail.

Gisborough Hall: Countryside Elegance

Nestled in the heart of the countryside, Gisborough Hall is a Victorian gem that provides the perfect setting for a romantic wedding. The hall offers a blend of rural appeal and sophisticated interiors. With three distinct options for your special day: a traditional ballroom, a rustic Glass House, and an intimate Old Hall, Gisborough caters to various wedding styles and sizes.

The hall can host up to 400 guests, making it suitable for intimate gatherings and grand celebrations. The breathtaking views of the rose garden and rolling countryside and its backdrop of Guisborough Forest and the Cleveland Hills create an enchanting atmosphere for a romantic wedding.

The Spa Hotel: Seaside Sophistication

The Spa Hotel in Saltburn-by-the-Sea provides an exquisite setting for a seaside wedding. It was constructed in 1884 by Mr. T.D. Ridley, with designs by Alfred Waterhouse, the hotel initially served as the town’s Assembly Rooms. Today, it offers a stunning location near the sea, providing a picturesque backdrop for ceremonies and receptions.

The hotel boasts a spacious function room that can accommodate large wedding parties, making it a popular choice for couples. From the sea views to the romantic setting, The Spa Hotel brings a touch of seaside sophistication to your wedding celebrations.

Celebrate in Style: Middlesbrough's Premier Wedding Hotels

Middlesbrough is home to many premier wedding hotels that offer intimate and charming settings for your special day. These hotels combine modern comforts with traditional charm, creating a perfect balance that adds to the allure of your wedding celebrations. Among the most sought-after wedding hotels in Middlesbrough are the Treebridge Hotel and Rushpool Hall.

The Treebridge Hotel offers:

  • A picturesque setting

  • Devoted wedding planners

  • Personalised packages

  • Superior facilities

Its recent refurbishment adds a contemporary touch to its long-standing reputation as a premier wedding venue.

On the other hand, Rushpool Hall in Saltburn-by-the-Sea is a splendid 19th-century manor house located in the rolling countryside of North Yorkshire. Its Victorian architecture and idyllic location make it a popular choice for couples seeking a venue that exudes elegance and sophistication.

These venues contribute their unique charm and character to your wedding celebrations, ensuring a memorable experience for you and your guests. We shall now examine in more detail what each of these hotels has to offer.

Treebridge Hotel: Intimate and Charming

In the tranquil surroundings of Great Ayton, you’ll find the Treebridge Hotel. This venue offers:

  • A cosy and intimate atmosphere for weddings

  • Personalized service and charming surroundings

  • A picturesque setting

  • Devoted wedding planners

  • Personalized packages

These features make it a popular choice for couples.

The Treebridge Hotel offers a range of amenities for wedding events, including:

  • Gorgeous indoor and outdoor ceremony venues

  • Reception halls with flexible configurations

  • On-site catering

  • Wedding planning guidance

  • Bridal suites for the couple

  • Guest lodgings

  • Ample parking facilities

Rushpool Hall: Victorian Splendor by the Sea

Rushpool Hall, a splendid 19th-century manor house located in the rolling countryside of North Yorkshire, offers a Victorian gem by the sea. The hall, constructed between 1863 and 1864 by Mr. John Bell, an ironmaster of note, provides a splendid wedding setting with grand architecture and beautiful grounds.

The hall’s impressive architecture and picturesque scenery offer numerous opportunities for capturing unforgettable wedding photographs. With its capacity to host civil ceremonies for up to 110 guests and evening receptions for up to 180, Rushpool Hall is an exemplary venue for your special day. Rushpool Hall always holds a special significance for me as it's the venue I was married at and I love returning there time after time.

Unique Wedding Venue Gems in County Durham

County Durham is home to some unique gems when it comes to wedding venues. These venues, known for their exclusive luxury and historical charm, add a touch of sophistication to your special day. Among these, Crathorne Hall and Preston Park Museum and Grounds are two venues that stand out due to their distinctive allure.

Crathorne Hall, an impressive Edwardian country house set on 15 acres of picturesque grounds, is the perfect ven

bride and groom walking hand in hand at Black Horse Beamish
Unique wedding venue gems in County Durham

ue for a classic and romantic wedding. On the other hand, Preston Park Museum and Grounds is a distinctive wedding venue due to its picturesque settings and historical allure. The park provides a scenic environment for wedding ceremonies, and the museum furnishes a remarkable and unforgettable atmosphere for receptions.

With their unique settings and charm, these venues offer unforgettable experiences for couples and their guests. Let’s delve deeper into the allure of these venues.

Crathorne Hall: Exclusive Luxury

Crathorne Hall, situated in Yarm, is the epitome of exclusive luxury. The hall’s Edwardian country house setting and its 15 acres of picturesque grounds make it the perfect venue for a classic and romantic wedding. Crathorne Hall offers a variety of wedding packages to suit different preferences and budgets. These range from intimate weddings to grand celebrations, with options that include venue hire, catering, accommodation, and additional services such as floral arrangements and entertainment.

The hall’s elegant and spacious event spaces, including a grand ballroom and picturesque gardens, provide an ideal backdrop for a romantic and remarkable wedding.

Preston Park Museum and Grounds: Historical Charm

Preston Park Museum and Grounds offer a charming and historical setting for weddings. The museum and grounds, once the private residence of the Reed family, now serve as a unique backdrop for weddings, showcasing a remarkable blend of history and nature.

The park provides a scenic setting for wedding ceremonies, while the museum offers an unforgettable atmosphere for receptions. The museum’s Victorian Walled Garden and the Georgian Hall are just a few unique features that make Preston Park Museum and Grounds a perfect venue for your special day.

Affordable Elegance: Budget-Friendly Wedding Venues in Teesside

For budget-conscious couples who still yearn for an elegant setting for their big day, Teesside boasts a range of affordable wedding venues that don’t compromise on charm and allure. Whinstone View and The Parkmore Hotel stand out for their affordability and unique offerings.

Whinstone View, located on the outskirts of Great Ayton, offers rustic beauty at an affordable price. The venue is in a picturesque rural landscape featuring log cabins and a delightful barn.

On the other hand, The Parkmore Hotel offers:

  • A combination of affordability and flexibility

  • Attractive indoor and outdoor spaces for ceremonies and receptions

  • The ability to host both intimate and lavish weddings.

These venues offer affordable elegance, transforming dream weddings into reality even for those on a budget. We shall now examine in more detail what these venues have to offer.

Whinstone View: Rustic Beauty at a Great Price

Whinstone View is a rustic wedding venue located on the outskirts of Great Ayton, offering an affordable yet beautiful setting for weddings. Set amidst picturesque rural landscapes, the venue features log cabins and a delightful barn that provides a perfect backdrop for your wedding day.

The surrounding area offers breathtaking views of the Cleveland landscape, including the nearby Roseberry Topping. The venue’s scenic location and affordable price make it a preferred choice for couples seeking a rustic charm for their wedding.

The Parkmore Hotel: Value and Versatility

The Parkmore Hotel in Eaglescliffe near Yarm offers value and versatility for weddings. With its range of customizable options and affordable pricing, this venue is popular among budget-conscious couples. The hotel provides a combination of indoor and outdoor spaces, catering services, and accommodation options, making it a versatile venue for intimate and grand weddings.

From the beautiful outdoor ceremony spaces to the sophisticated reception venues, The Parkmore Hotel provides a memorable and stylish day at an affordable price.

Planning Your Big Day: Essential Considerations for Teesside Weddings

Planning a wedding involves considering several essential factors to ensure your special day unfolds exactly as you envision it. In Teesside, these considerations include venue capacity, accommodation, and catering options. Understanding these aspects can help you make an informed decision and ensure your chosen venue meets your expectations.

The key factors to consider when choosing a venue for your event are:

  1. Capacity: The venue should be able to accommodate the number of guests you expect comfortably.

  2. Accommodation: If you have out-of-town guests, it’s essential to consider the availability of nearby accommodation options.

  3. Catering: The catering options available at the venue can significantly impact the overall experience for your guests.

Considering these factors will help ensure that you choose the right venue for your event.

We shall now examine these considerations in more detail to assist you in planning your big day with confidence.

Venue Capacity and Accommodation

Evaluating the capacity and accommodation options of your chosen venue is crucial. The capacity determines the number of guests you can comfortably accommodate. For instance, Gisborough Hall can host up to 400 guests, making it suitable for large weddings.

On the other hand, venues like Wynyard Hall and Treebridge Hotel provide on-site accommodation, making it convenient for your guests. Ensuring the venue can accommodate your guest list and provide lodging if needed will help make your wedding day go smoothly.

Catering and Cuisine Options

The catering and cuisine options available at your chosen venue for wedding receptions are another essential factor to consider. These options determine the food and drink served at your wedding, influencing the overall guest experience.

For instance, venues like Acklam Hall and Wynyard Hall provide a range of catering options for events and weddings. On the other hand, venues like The Spa Hotel can cater to specific dietary requirements, ensuring that all your guests are well taken care of.

Picture-Perfect: Scenic Spots for Wedding Photos in Teesside

Capturing your wedding day through beautiful photos is a crucial part of your wedding. In Teesside, several scenic spots provide picture-perfect settings for wedding photos. From the natural backdrops of Leven Valley to the historic facades of estate gardens, these spots offer a variety of stunning views that can make your wedding photos genuinely memorable.

With its picturesque landscapes and beautiful scenery, Leven Valley offers a stunning natural backdrop for wedding photos. On the other hand, estate gardens and historic facades provide elegant and timeless settings for capturing memorable wedding photos. We shall now examine these scenic spots in more detail.

Leven Valley's Natural Backdrop

The Leven Valley, with its picturesque landscapes and breathtaking scenery, offers a stunning natural backdrop for wedding photos. The valley provides exquisite views of rolling hills, lush greenery, and the meandering River Leven, creating a romantic atmosphere for wedding photos.

Furthermore, the area is renowned for its beautiful countryside surroundings, quaint villages, and historic buildings, which provide character and charm to the photographs.

Estate Gardens and Historic Facades

Estate gardens and historic facades provide elegant and timeless settings for capturing memorable wedding photos in Teesside. These venues offer a variety of stunning views, including lush gardens, grand architecture, and historic elements that add a sense of sophistication and allure to your wedding photos.

The gardens offer a range of natural elements, such as flowers, trees, and landscapes, that can add depth and vibrancy to the images, showcasing the natural beauty of the surroundings. The historic facades impart a sense of sophistication and allure, creating a timeless atmosphere for the wedding photos.


Teesside offers a wealth of stunning wedding venues, each with unique charm and allure. From the historic Acklam Hall to the opulent Wynyard Hall, the romantic Gisborough Hall to the seaside sophistication of The Spa Hotel, there is a venue for every style and budget. With careful planning and consideration of essential factors such as venue capacity, accommodation, and catering options, your dream wedding in Teesside can be a memorable and stress-free experience. Whether planning a grand celebration or an intimate gathering, Teesside offers a backdrop of beautiful landscapes and historic charm that will make your special day unforgettable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cheapest day to book a wedding venue?

Booking your wedding on a Thursday is the cheapest way to reserve a venue, as there is less demand for those days and lower prices.

What makes Acklam Hall a unique wedding venue?

Acklam Hall is a unique wedding venue boasting beautiful 17th-century architecture and rich history. It provides the perfect picturesque setting for any special occasion.

Can Wynyard Hall accommodate large weddings?

Wynyard Hall can accommodate 110 guests, making it the perfect venue for large weddings. In the summer, Wynyard Hall opens a large marquee that can hold 800 guests.

What makes Gisborough Hall a romantic wedding venue?

Gisborough Hall offers a romantic wedding setting with its idyllic gardens and grounds, providing an ideal backdrop for ceremonies and photos.

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